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Well if you are reading this article for the very first time, I would love to take this opportunity to say “hi, and welcome to My Favourite Read”.

I am so excited to be writing this article, because as many of you may be aware, this is actually my very first post to be published on my website… besides the “About Me”.

It is also a post that I hope many of you will come back to again and again and hopefully recommend to your friends, family, new mums, and anyone else that wants and loves to read to their children.

We all know that there are so many great Children’s books available for our kids, but I am not sure about yourself but it can be so overwhelming…aargh. If you have read the article “About Me” on this website then you would know that I absolutely love walking in and rummaging through a great bookstore, but I still have to stop for a moment and think “Oh my goodness where do I start?”

So to kick off my first Article, I thought it would be great to start with “My Children’s Favourite Picks”.

I found this research really amusing to be honest as my boys are now 13 & 11 and certainly don’t have the same passion when it comes to books as I do. If it isn’t gaming then it is unimportant… sigh.

Their memories of when I would read to them really was heartwarming and not what I expected, even though I really don’t know what I was expecting… we are parents so we never really get it right.

So without further ado below are the my children’s favourite books that they remember me reading to them in their own words…

Green Eggs & Ham – Dr. Seuss. Remembered by Tommy (11)

“Mum do you remember when you used to read Green Eggs & Ham to us?” – Tommy

“Well I do, a little Tommy but I would love to hear it from you” – Mum (me)

“Mum when you would read Green Eggs & Ham to us I used to think it was so funny. Not only the book itself, because that was really funny and silly but also the way you would read it to us. Overtime you would read it you would change the characters voices and I would never know how or what the characters were going to sound like the next time you read it. I think by the 10th time you read it to us I knew every word, but every time it was like a new adventure with completely different characters. I loved the way you would do this and I really loved the book as it was just so wacky and sometimes made no sense at all… Seriously mum who would ever eat green eggs and ham?”

So there you have it, through the eyes of an 11-year-old remembering back to his preschool years.

Not sure if I should be flattered or offended that what he remembers most was his mother being more wacky than the book  but I will take it as a win as who really wants to be well refined all the time anyway.

Green Eggs and Ham is definitely an awesome book that apparently I have now learned can be remembered in many ways… I hope your family gets just as much amusement from this beautiful book as we did.

Duck’s Stuck – Kylie Mewburn. Remembered by Jack

“Mum I always remember Duck’s Stuck” – Jack

“Oh yes I loved this book as well… tell me what you remember”

“Well I remember that it was short, and you know I would like that as reading has never really been my thing”

“oh yes, go on” as I slightly rolled my eyes in agreement

“Well a bit like Tom I also remember the way you would read it to us and act out the story as if you were the characters. I used to think that it was such a funny story about how a duck thought he was so smart, but because he was being a bit piggy he ate more than he should have and then got suck. Looking back at it now I see many of life’s hidden lessons throughout this book and I think it is very clever, but at the time I just thought it was very funny and I loved how all the farm animals would come around and discuss what to do. I loved how they all tried to help and it reminded me of the animals at Nan and Pop’s farm and I always secretly wondering if they talked to each other like they did in the book”

I couldn’t agree more with Jack about this book, it really is a gorgeous book with many life lessons throughout. From my perspective, I believe that from the first couple of pages in you could see that for such a short book it was jam packed full of good and bad choices, manners, asking for help, team work, problem solving and the list goes on. An absolutely gorgeous book that I hope your children love as much as mine did.

Two of our Favourites

I have to admit that when I first set out to ask my boys about their favourite childhood book I definitely didn’t expect the experience that I had. I actually loved this research and certainly had a grin on my face the whole time.

I didn’t envisage that it would not only be about the book and their clever authors, but also about the experience of how it was read to them that was a large part of why they loved the book and why they remembered it. This wasn’t actually a concept that I had thought of when I set out to post this article but I have found my self on many occasions being very reminiscent of these memories.

Looking Back…

If you have read my previous post on this website then you may remember me mentioning that life can get very serious and stressful as a parent and that I am of the opinion that by giving yourself a chance to reboot, refresh, re inspire and recreate is so important to living a wonderful life. I believe that this article brought all of these elements to me and I thoroughly enjoyed this moment with my children and watching their faces as they recalled these moments was extremely amusing.

I really encourage that when your children begin to reach their teenage years that you may also carry out this exercise, as I think you will also find it really amusing and give yourself a little pat on that back that maybe we do sometimes get it right. Phew as I wipe my brow.

I really hope you have enjoyed this article and that you can come away with not only a great couple of books to potentially consider for the children in your life, but also that you may have more to look forward to in the future than you first thought. I also that you have the opportunity of having your children recalling these gorgeous moments in their lives that at the time you didn’t even realize were even transpiring.

What’s Next…

What’s next for “My Favourite Read”?

Well I am really excited to be bringing you a selection of favourites from an array of people including close friends, family, preschool teachers and a few random stranger’s that I started up conversations with in very random places… as you get to know me you will realize that this is not uncommon for me to know a random stranger’s life story within a few minutes of chatting to them, often to the embarrassment of my children as they patiently wait for me.

My boys have given up on telling me that I am embarrassing because they know I always reply with “you embarrassed me plenty of times with your tantrums in public that now it is my turn” as I smirk at them.

Well until my next article….

Happy Reading to your beautiful Children and to Loving Life,



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