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Hi everyone my name is Rebecca, Mother of 2 growing Teenage Boys, and welcome to the My Favourite Read website.

Reading has always been a passion of mine, and when I became a mother this feeling just intensified ten fold. I had always loved the many opportunities and feelings that books created and offered in my life and then to be given the amazing opportunity to share, not only those experiences with my growing children but also to enjoy new adventures along the way was just phenomenal.

I remember as a young child walking into a Bookstore, library or anywhere with rows of books, I would instantly feel excited and wondered what I would find. I would always check out the Latest, Best Picks first (that was generally at the front of the store) and then hurry to the Children’s and Young Readers Section.  My head would be slightly tilted, as I read every title, waiting for that one title or visual cue that was going to beckon me to delve further into what adventures lay within.

It wasn’t always fiction, so much so that I even vividly remember when my mum would return home with my new (or mostly secondhand) books for my next year of school, I would be ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get right in there and check out everything about them. I am still like that today (at a much older age though) when I obtain a fiction or non-fiction publication that I have been searching, and before too long I am immersed into its splendour and awe.

As a child growing up in rural Victoria, Australia in the 80s and early 90s there were limited opportunities in terms of being able to acquire my hands on a great deal of books of any kind. How things have changed with the world of the internet and website such as these… where almost every book ever published can be found somewhere on the world wide web.

How is this website different…

As parents we now have a plethora of information and opportunities available to us, but what I found was that sometimes there is just too much available.

So I wanted to build a website that is simple and easy to use and not at all overwhelming.

At My Favourite Read, you can always know that each children’s book on this website has been hand selected by me, through recommendations not only by myself but other parents, family, teachers, strangers, children and of course my Children’s favourites from when they were younger. They have been chosen because the people who recommended them believe they were a wonderful read to their children, and that it added value to not only them as parents but also to their children.

My Favourite Read was foundered because I wanted to bring together other like-minded parents that wanted to give their children the best start in life with beautiful reads but without having to trawl the internet and being overwhelmed. I also wanted to bring together a website that is founded by a mother, who has not only been through these stages with my own children but many other children through my career and bring those experiences to you.

My Favourite book is essentially a “go to” style website that has already hand selected and researched the top picks for you and your children.

I have also added and “Bec’s Top Picks” which of course are some of my favourite publications that I hope you will enjoy.

Inspire, Motivate Your Children & Most of All Enjoy & LOVE LIFE!

I honestly believe that life can become way too serious along the way especially as parents, and I am of the opinion that by giving yourself a chance to reboot, refresh, re inspire and recreate is so important to living a wonderful life. Reading to my children has always been my way to counterbalance my life and focus on the important aspects of my life.

So I would love you to have a look around my website. If you ever have anything to share in retrospect to great reads, that you would love to see here on this website so others can enjoy, or even just sharing your experience of some wonderful reads that would be greatly encouraged and I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Reading to your beautiful Children and to Loving Life,



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